5 common misconceptions about moving your phone system to the cloud

Companies all over the country, big and small, are making the jump from traditional, on-premise phone systems (like the one in the wire-filled closet of yours) to “cloud-based,” “hosted,” “PBX” systems. (Learn more about what all those buzzwords mean here.) We’ve come across a number of industry “myths” about moving to a system like ours, and we’re here to prove them wrong:

1. Control
Myth: You don’t have as much control over your phone system when it’s in the cloud.
Not only do cloud-based systems offer more control, they’re also more flexible. You can monitor calls in your sales department, update greetings, check your voicemail, and more from any device or location.

2. Security
Myth: A cloud-based phone system isn’t safe for my company’s data.
On the contrary. On-premise systems often force users to store critical business information on their personal devices. With a cloud-based system, the only thing saved on a user’s personal device is the app. Your data is securely stored in a data center, and if your staff has their device stolen or hacked, your information will never wind up in the wrong hands.

3. Quality
Myth: Call quality is poor on cloud-based phone systems.
When properly set up, a hosted phone system offers equal—and often better—call quality. And because it’s cloud-based, your service provider can monitor your service remotely, finding and fixing potential issues before they become real problems.

4. Technology
Myth: Cloud technology is just a fad.
Research shows that cloud-based technology is here to stay. According to a recent Gartner study, 2017 is expected to continue the current “shift away from legacy IT services to cloud-based services, due to increased trend of organizations pursuing a digital business strategy.” This $200 billion cloud-based market isn’t just for tech companies and phone systems. You’re probably using products based in the cloud right now– email, music, photo storage, and more already exist there.

5.  Job security
Myth: Moving to the cloud means IT staff loses their jobs.
What cloud-based phone systems do best is take the ‘work’ out of your company’s daily communication. While it will likely change some of your IT staff’s day-to-day tasks, moving to the cloud will free them from menial tasks and repairs of your outdated on-premise system, allowing your team to engage in strategic projects that improve business.


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