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The PriorityOne Mobile App allows your team to access business contacts, make calls, receive faxes, join conference calls, share files, check voicemail, and more from their personal mobile devices, reducing your hardware costs.

Robust call routing

PriorityOne’s call routing sends calls directly to any desired location, department, or person. Flexible rules enable clients to reach the right person every time, day or night, and you never miss another important call.

Enhanced collaboration

Every phone number is assigned a dedicated audio conference number, making it effortless for your teams to join conference calls and collaborate with your clients at a moment’s notice. 

Multi-location capabilities

The PriorityOne system thrives in multi-location situations. Whether you run multiple offices or are thinking about expanding, we can come up with the best solution for your business. 

Powerful reporting

Powerful and intuitive reporting helps you keep an eye on your inbound/outbound call activity, identify customer call patterns, and create reports you can view online anytime.

Call recording

One of our most-loved features is also one of the most simple. Whether you’re diagnosing a customer’s issue over the phone, discussing a legal matter, or just want to back up a conversation for your records, you’ll be one click away from accessing our easy-to-use call recording feature.

Fax-to-Email and Text

No modern business wants to be weighed down by file cabinets and piles of unread memos. If you want to incorporate your business’s fax usage into your tech upgrade, our cloud-based fax features are perfect for your business.  

Device connectivity

If a customer has trouble contacting you the first time, do you think they’ll happily try again later, or just go somewhere else? Our system lets you receive and send correspondence to and from a number of different devices. 

Built-in security

The idea of your important data and conversations floating around in some virtual “cloud” is a little hard to stomach. But our system is redundantly secure, meaning even your most sensitive information is more secure in the cloud than on your local network.

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