Real estate

Real estate professionals often work from many locations in a single day.

Moving between the office, property listings, and the points in between means it’s crucial to have a reliable communications system—one that is fully mobile and easy to manage—to ensure your team stays connected.

Some of our most-loved features include:



Mobile-ready Features

The PriorityOne Mobile App allows your team to use tablets and smartphones to access business contacts, make calls, receive faxes, join conference calls, and more Because PriorityOne is BYOD-optimized, your employees can access your business’s phone system from their personal mobile devices, reducing your hardware costs.




Device connectivity

If a customer has trouble contacting you the first time, do you think they’ll happily try again later, or just go somewhere else?

We know how important it is to be accessible. Our system lets you receive and send correspondence to and from a number of different devices.




Fax-to-Email and Text

Fax machines, in the traditional sense, are on their way out. No modern business wants to be weighed down by file cabinets and piles of unread memos. If you want to incorporate your business’s fax usage into your tech upgrade, our Fax-to-Email and Fax-to-Text features are perfect for your business. 

Make your business more mobile than ever before by saving your faxed documents to a file in the cloud.


“Just moved my office and it was as easy as unplugging phones at old office and plugging them in at the new office. Seamless move. No way that would have happened with Verizon.”

— Kevin Clancy, Clancy Real Estate



Standard features include:

  Voicemail to Email
  Call Parking
  Multi-device Presence
  Shared Line Appearance
  Unlimited Hunt Groups
   HD Voice
   No Activation Fees
   Push to Talk
   Group Paging
   User-Friendly Web Portal
   Dial by Name Directory
 Unlimited Calling and Faxing
  Unlimited Long Distance
   US-Based Customer Support
  Top-Notch Service
  Multi-Tiered Auto Attendants
  Call Forwarding, Waiting, ID

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